Wednesday, September 23, 2009


so, you'll notice there's a new sidebar.

the new 30 day shred challenge.  i've done it before.  i did it most every day that time, or close.  it got SERIOUS results. 

i've lost 130 pounds over the past four years, 30 to 35 (depending on the day) in the last year.  that last jump was all through exercise. i grew to love it and was pretty passionately committed to it. i felt strong and fierce and i constantly had goals for myself.

then i started dating musicboy. i kept exercising at first, but once we got engaged, it got a little more sporadic.  once the wedding got close, it pretty much went out the window.  since the wedding (nearly TWO MONTHS), i can count the number of times that i've exercised on one hand.

i've been doing pretty well, all things considered. there are lots of desserts in our house and processed foods, but i've pretty much stayed within a 5 pound window of when i got married.  i'm pretty proud of that maintenance, but i've hit the threshold.

i just FEEL bigger. i feel like i'm backsliding, and i don't like it.  the reality of my life is that a) i will always struggle with my weight; b) the struggle is a lot easier when i'm exercising; c) i have family medical history that makes it ESSENTIAL that i exercise regularly; d) i feel like i can conquer anything when i feel physically strong; and e) strong is sexy for me.

so...despite all of my woe-is-me whining about my schedule, i have decided that i will compromise. i can't manage exercise every day right now. i just can't. but i can manage it three times a week. 

thus the new 30 day shred challenge is born.  i will do the beastly thing for 30 days...over 10 weeks.  i will, after 10 days, move on to level 2.  i may not feel ready, but i've done it before so i need to move on and challenge myself.  i will record my progress in my sidebar.

today's results are there already, and friday is my next scheduled challenge.  i fully expect it to be just as hard, but this time it's a bit easier because i actually know with a surety that i CAN do it.  even when i feel like jillian just sucked the heart right out of my chest with her black magical ways, i know not only that i can do it, but that i will see results. 

wish me luck.

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